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Tumble Dryer Repairs

Tumble Dryer Repairs in Newport & Cwmbran

I am an expert in all tumble dryer model repairs. For whatever fault, be it a failed thermostat to a motor burn out, I am a reliable and fully qualified engineer to repair your faulty tumble dryers.

What causes tumble dryer break down?

Overloading obstructs the flow of cool air, and the hot air trapped inside increases the chances of a fire breaking out.

Failing to clean the filter
The risk of a tumble dryer causing a fire is very high when the fluff filter is not cleaned out each time the dryer is used. When lint accumulates, it will restrict the flow of air and increase the probability of there being a fire.

Why choose Cwmbran Appliance Repairs?
Highly experienced engineer – Cwmbran is a White Goods Trade Association member that adheres to all the set industry standards. Our technicians are duly certified with long-standing experience in tumble dryer repairs.
Guaranteed repairs – We have a warranty that lasts longer than other services offer- that is 12 whole months in our case.
Payment for service only – The fee package conveniently excludes a service charge for coming out to your home or business premises. (No callout fee) We only charge you for the labor it takes to repair and the cost of replacing parts where needed. If we don’t manage to repair your tumble dryer, then you don’t have to pay anything. This goes to show you that we’re dedicated to quality service first.
Quick and efficient service – For all Tumble Dryer Repairs in Newport & Cwmbran, We try to get to you the soonest we can from the moment you place that call.

Prompt service at competitive and reasonable prices is not the end of our strong points. We also source and stock high-quality parts for most models including Samsung, Bosch, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Siemens and LG. We cover repairs in all of Newport and Cwmbran, with our head office at 28 Plym Walk, Bettws, Newport

So whether your tumble dryer fails to heat up, simply won’t start, the drum stalls, the belt has snapped, it’s indicator lights are faulty or it is too noisy , call us up for Tumble Dryer Repairs in Newport & Cwmbran, and we’ll come to you within a day or two at most and make sure you can happily dry your clothes again.